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Aluminum foil has a variety of applications in the printing field.
Aluminum foil is widely used in decoration.
Beer Neck

Aluminum foil beer bottleneck label is a kind of aluminum foil used for bottling beer bottlenecks. The printing style is exquisite and fashionable, which is widely used in the beer bottle packaging industry. With the improvement of people’s living standards, beer label aluminum foil, as a consumable and decorative material, has broad prospects in application prospects.

Aluminum foil beer bottle mouth label has the following characteristics:

Decorative effect: Aluminum foil beer bottle label printing exquisite, through high-quality printing technology, can achieve a variety of patterns, images, text vivid display.

Quality protection: Aluminum foil has excellent barrier properties, which can effectively block the penetration of oxygen, moisture, light and odor.

Safety and hygiene: Aluminum foil material non-toxic, harmless, in line with food safety standards.

Easy to use: Aluminum foil beer bottle mouth labels are easy to make and apply, and can be customized to different needs and specifications. For example, it can be securely attached to the neck of a beer bottle by heat-sealing or gluing.

Aluminum foil beer bottles can add appeal and personalization to a beer neck.
Aluminum foil helps protect the quality and taste of the beer and extends its freshness.
Aluminum foil beer bottle labels ensure that the beer is isolated from the outside environment to avoid any possible contamination.
Aluminum foil can be customized according to different needs and specifications.
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