6061-T6/T651/T4/O aluminum alloy
Due to its high hardness, small processing deformation and good oxidation effect, 6061 aluminum alloy enjoys a good reputation and reputation in mobile phone cases, mechanical molds, automobile wheels, trolley cases, 3C products and other fields.
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Aluminum foil is the growth pole of the entire aluminum industry
The aluminum rolling industry is a traditional manufacturing industry, and its downstream demand is widely distributed in construction, home appliances, automobiles, daily consumption, electronics, electricity and other industries.
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8011 8079 Food Grade Paper Aluminum Foil Roll
8011 aluminum foil is used for fresh food packaging and cold chain logistics
8011 aluminum foil is an aluminum alloy with good corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity. In fresh food packaging and cold chain logistics, 8011 aluminum foil plays the following roles:
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aluminium laminated foil
Aluminum foil supply chain collaborative management
Since aluminum foil products are consumable products with high demand in the market, the production cycle needs to be short, the demand for raw materials is large, and there is a lack of effective tracking and control methods for the delivery of raw material suppliers.
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Advantages of aluminum foil in food storage
Preservation performance: Due to the good barrier properties of aluminum foil, it can effectively prevent food from coming into contact with external air, moisture and other factors, thus extending the shelf life of food.
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What are some common uses for aluminum foil rolls in cooking?
Common uses for aluminum foil rolls in cooking include:
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