What are some common uses for aluminum foil rolls in cooking?

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When grilling, avoid burning or uncooking. Aluminum foil not only enhances heat conduction and speeds up the cooking of food, but also for meats with uneven thickness (such as chicken legs), first lay a layer of aluminum foil on the baking sheet to conduct heat, then wrap it up and bake it for more even heating, and less damage to parts. Browned, but still raw in the thicker parts.

Accelerate the freezing and preservation of food. In addition to heat conduction, aluminum foil can also speed up freezing efficiency. For example, wrapping freshly bought raw meat and refrigeration can quickly keep it fresh. Wrapping leftover vegetables in aluminum foil is denser than plastic wrap and has a better effect on preventing moisture loss. , and can also prevent the odor of food from contaminating the refrigerator.

A time-saving helper for pre-cooked meals. Foods such as potato salad that make a large portion at a time can be wrapped in aluminum foil and refrigerated. Just take one out and heat it up every time you want to eat.

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