Advantages of aluminum foil in food storage

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Preservation performance: Due to the good barrier properties of aluminum foil, it can effectively prevent food from coming into contact with external air, moisture and other factors, thus extending the shelf life of food.


Antioxidation: Aluminum foil can effectively block oxygen, slow down the oxidation process of food, and help maintain the freshness, color and taste of food.

Anti-UV: Aluminum foil can reflect most ultraviolet and visible light, helping to reduce the impact of light on food, especially some foods that are easily affected by light and deteriorate.


Flexibility: Large rolls of aluminum foil can be flexibly processed and packaged according to food packaging needs, adapting to food packaging needs of different shapes and sizes.

High temperature resistance: Aluminum foil has good high temperature resistance and can be used in high temperature environments such as cooking and baking, so that food can be directly wrapped in aluminum foil for heating.

Overall, the advantages of large roll aluminum foil in food storage make it a common food packaging material that is widely used in various food industries.

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