Aluminum foil is the growth pole of the entire aluminum industry

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After the epidemic, the global economy recovered rapidly, but at the same time, foreign manufacturing production has not fully recovered. China’s exports have a significant effect on boosting the economy. This has brought about an upward boom in the aluminum rolling sector in the past two years, which continues to this day.


Aluminium Foil Roll 8011 H18 

The application scope of aluminum foil mainly includes packaging, electronics, electrical appliances, construction, transportation, etc. Packaging aluminum foil is used in food, tobacco, daily chemical packaging, bottles and cans, household appliances, utensils, etc.; electronic and electrical aluminum foil is mainly used in capacitors, lithium batteries, printed circuits, LCD panel electrodes, air conditioning radiators, automotive heat exchangers, cable coatings etc.;

Aluminium Foil Roll 8011 H18


In the construction industry, aluminum foil is used as thermal insulation materials, decorative panels, honeycomb composite products, blinds, ventilation ducts, etc. Aluminum foil is also used in aerospace, such as various aircraft propellers, fuel tanks, signal shielding devices, etc.

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