6061-T6/T651/T4/O aluminum alloy

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Due to its high hardness, small processing deformation and good oxidation effect, 6061 aluminum alloy enjoys a good reputation and reputation in mobile phone cases, mechanical molds, automobile wheels, trolley cases, 3C products and other fields. The commonly used aluminum plate status is O/T4 /T6/T651, the conventional production thickness of aluminum plates is 0.3-400mm, and the ultra-wide plate can reach a width of 2650mm.

GNEE has 15 years of experience in the production of aluminum foil coils.

GNEE has 15 years of experience in the production of aluminum foil coils.

In automobiles: 6061 aluminum alloy is used as car/motorcycle wheel hubs and is part of the lightweight segment of automobiles. Its advantages as a non-ferrous light metal make the overall weight of the car lighter and consume less energy. The ultra-high recycling rate of aluminum alloys can also greatly reduce the cost of automobiles. In terms of mechanical molds: 6061 aluminum alloys for this type of use are mostly medium-thick aluminum plates, which are easy to process and form.

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