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Medical Aluminum Foil
Aluminum foil is an important material for packaging and protecting pharmaceutical products such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices and diagnostic equipment.
Aluminum foil is widely used in decoration.

Aluminum foil containers are food packaging containers made of aluminum foil. It is made of thin aluminum foil material and usually has a folded, formed or pressed structure. Aluminum foil containers are commonly used for cooking, baking, storage and transportation of food, and are widely used in the home, catering and food packaging industries.

Aluminum foil containers are widely used in various fields, including but not limited to the following:

Food and beverage: Aluminum foil containers are often used in take-out, fast food, buffet and other scenes, holding hot food, cold food, salad, barbecue and other food.

Home use: In the home, aluminum foil containers are widely used for cooking, baking, packaging and preserving food. Can be used for oven baking, cooking, microwave heating and other cooking methods.

Take-out and picnic: Aluminum foil containers are easy to carry and distribute food, so they are often used for picnics, camping, travel, and portable meal packaging.

Food packaging: Aluminum foil containers are widely used to package all kinds of food, such as cooked food, frozen food, baked goods, convenience food, takeout boxes, etc., providing fresh, hygienic and convenient packaging solutions.

Lightweight and durable: Aluminum foil containers are lightweight and easy to carry while having sufficient strength and durability.
Safety: GNEE's aluminum foil containers meet food safety standards, do not release harmful substances, and have no adverse effects on the quality and health of food.
Recyclability: Aluminum foil containers are recyclable materials, and GNEE can reduce resource waste and environmental burden through recycling.
Heat conduction performance: Aluminum foil containers can rapidly conduct heat, so that food heating evenly, improve the cooking effect.
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