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Industrial Aluminum Foil
Our products are mainly used for roofing materials as thermal insulation and reflective building materials, etc. They can be coated or used directly.
aluminum foil container
Aluminum foil jumbo roll for making foil container/foil tray/foil platter.

Aluminum foil Aluminum foil that can be used for decorative purposes. It usually has bright colors, patterns, or textures that enhance the beauty of various objects or surfaces.
Here are some common applications for decorative aluminum foil:

Crafts: Commonly used to make decorations, gift wrap, scrapbooks, and other creative DIY projects.

Home decoration: can be used for wall decoration, furniture decoration, lampshade, photo frame and so on. The reflective nature of aluminum foil can produce interesting lighting effects and enhance the overall atmosphere of the room.

Party and event decorations: Aluminum foil can be used to create decorative background walls, banners, centerpieces, balloons, and other party accessories.

Flower arrangements: Decorative aluminum foil can be used for flower arrangements and bouquet packaging.

Aluminum foil can be easily moulded, cut, and shaped to create unique designs and decorations.
Decorative aluminum foil can be applied to a variety of surfaces in home decor to add a little style and visual interest.
For its versatility and striking appearance, aluminum foil is often used for party and event decorations.
Decorative aluminum foil can provide a shiny decorative base for the flowers, enhancing their display and creating a visually appealing display.
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