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Medical Aluminum Foil
Aluminum foil is an important material for packaging and protecting pharmaceutical products such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices and diagnostic equipment.
aluminum foil container
Aluminum foil jumbo roll for making foil container/foil tray/foil platter.

Aluminum foil roll food grade is widely used in food wrapping, storing, cooking. It is warmly welcomed by restaurants,hotels, fast food restautants and BBQ shops and common people.It can help people make delicious food; make food carrying convenient; the most important is, it is environment-friendly and recyclable.

Here are some common uses:

Cooking and baking: Aluminum foil is very common in cooking and baking goods. It can be used to wrap food and prevent it from burning while keeping it moist and tasty.

Preservation and storage: Aluminum foil is a good material for preservation. It can be used to wrap leftover food, prevent oxygen and moisture from entering, and extend the shelf life of food.

Grilling and Camping: Aluminum foil is a convenient choice for outdoor grilling and camping. It can be used to wrap food, prevent food from sticking to the grill, and simplify the cleaning process.

Protect against burns and flames: Aluminum foil can be used to protect the surface of tables and stoves from damage caused by hot pans and flames.

It should be noted that aluminum foil should be used in accordance with appropriate safety specifications to avoid contact with acidic foods or hot substances, so as to avoid adverse effects on food and health.

Protection: Aluminum foil has excellent thermal insulation and oxygen resistance, which can effectively protect food from the influence of external temperature, humidity and oxygen, and extend the shelf life of food.
Flexible: Aluminum foil is very flexible and malleable, and can easily wrap food or form various shapes to suit different needs.
Fast heat transfer: Aluminum foil has good thermal conductivity and can quickly transfer heat to food, speeding up the cooking and heating process.
Easy to clean: the surface of the aluminum foil is smooth, does not absorb food residue, and can be discarded directly after use, reducing the burden of cleaning work.
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