Aluminum foil has a variety of applications in the printing field.
Aluminum foil is widely used in decoration.

Aluminum foil packaging has good shading and denseness, which can protect the inner packaged drugs from oxidation, moisture absorption and deterioration, and has good calendering properties, easy production and easy disassembly.

Our pharmaceutical aluminum foil is used by many manufacturers for the following purposes:

Needle packaging: Used to protect medical needles during distribution, storage and use.
Blister packaging: For the protection of pharmaceutical products, easy to open and stable high quality.
Corrosion-resistant syringe vials: Used to keep syringe vials durable, hygienic and safe.
In addition, whether you are packing beakers, flasks or petri dishes, our laboratory foil provides a tight seal.
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Barrier property: Aluminum foil has excellent barrier property to moisture, light, oxygen and other pollutants. This helps maintain the safety and integrity of medical products.
Sterile and hygienic: Aluminum foil used in medical applications is usually produced under strict sterile conditions to ensure cleanliness and hygiene. It helps prevent contamination of medical products during storage and transportation and keeps them sterile.
Flexibility and formability: Aluminum foil has high flexibility and can be easily formed to adapt to different medical product packaging requirements. Aluminum foil can be formed into small bags, blister packaging, small bags or wrapping, with versatility and adaptability.
Printability and labeling: Aluminum foil can print important product information such as dose instructions, lot numbers, expiration dates, and manufacturer details. It can clearly identify and correctly record medical products.
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