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Aluminum Foil in Cigarette Packaging

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Aluminum foil offers remarkable flexibility, decorative features, and protective properties. It has effectively replaced asphalt moisture-proof paper and has become the leading packaging material for cigarettes. As a result, it is gradually supplanting aluminized paper in the field of cigarette packaging.

The utilization of aluminum foil in cigarette packaging involves the wet bonding process, which offers superior production efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental benefits compared to dry methods and hot melt bonding. This process employs water-soluble or water-dispersible adhesives to bond aluminum foil to a porous and highly absorbent liner, eliminating concerns associated with the use of solvent-based adhesives in dry applications. This includes issues such as environmental pollution, residual solvents in the final product, and the need for additional waste gas recovery and discharge devices. Consequently, this production process ensures greater hygiene and safety.

Aluminum Foil in Cigarette Packaging

Currently, China stands as the world’s largest producer and consumer of cigarettes, making the cigarette packaging market substantial. Aluminum foil composite paper, which is extensively used in this industry, accounts for approximately 40%-50% of aluminum foil consumption.

By preventing the evaporation of tar, aluminum foil maintains the original taste of cigarettes, ensuring a longer-lasting flavor. Additionally, aluminum foil safeguards cigarettes from moisture absorption, preventing them from becoming moldy. Furthermore, aluminum foil prevents the aroma of cigarettes from affecting other objects such as clothes and food, preserving their individual flavors and preventing unwanted odor transfer.

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