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6082 Aluminium Bar
6082 aluminium - the highest strength 6000 series alloy currently available.
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6082 Aluminium Bar 6082 aluminium - the highest strength 6000 series alloy currently available. Known as a structural alloy, 6082 aluminium represents the highest strength 6000 series alloy currently available. The material possesses medium strength with good corrosion resistance, workability and anodising properties. This strength is achieved by the inclusion of manganese in the alloying process, which affords greater control of the grain structure. Weldability is good, but overall strength around the welding zone is reduced. Machinability is particularly good in T6 and T651 tempers, producing tight swarf coils when a chip breaker is in use.
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Grades / Specifications BS L100, BS L111, DTD 936, H30TF, BS EN 573, BS EN 755, BS EN 754
Applications Highly stressed parts, Structural applications, Cranes, Bridges
Product Benefits Excellent corrosion resistance, Good weldability, Good machinability, Highest strength of all the 6xxx series
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GNEE stocks 6082 aluminium bars in a variety of shapes, sizes and tempers (including T4, T6, T6510 and T6511 tempers).


6082 Aluminium Bar Datasheet
Our billeting services are provided in-house where we process your aluminium bars to precise lengths in accordance with your requirements. We also provide comprehensive metallurgical support courtesy of our UKAS Accredited Testing Laboratory.


Which is focused on the deep processing of Aluminum plate strip and foil.
GNEE Aluminium company Was Founded in 2008
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Is GNEE a trading company or a manufacturer?
GNEE is an integrated trading and manufacturing company to better serve our customers.

Will the products I order from GNEE be delivered on time?
Yes, we are committed to providing the highest quality products and delivering them on time, punctuality and honesty are the core principles of our company.

Do you provide product samples? Are they free?
GNEE provides supply to customers free of charge, but customers need to bear the express freight.

Do your products undergo third-party inspection?
Yes, GNEE is fully third-party inspected to ensure transparency and quality assurance.

How does GNEE ensure product quality?
Each product is produced in a qualified workshop, and GNEE has obtained US FDA certification, EU ROHS compliance, SVHC compliance, and ISO quality management system certification.

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