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Flat Bar
Aluminum Flat Bar
Aluminum Bar
Aluminum Flat
Aluminum Flat Bar stock
Flat Bar
Aluminum Flat Bar
Aluminum Bar
Aluminum Flat
Aluminum Flat Bar stock
Aluminum Flat Bar Stock
Aluminum flat bar is a kind of aluminum extrusion product with flat and smooth surface, aluminum flat bar is light weight, corrosion resistant and easy to process, so aluminum aluminum flat bar is widely used in construction, machinery, electronics, sports equipment, advertising, transportation, consumer goods, furniture, aviation, military and other applications. We have sufficient stock and the specifications can be customized, welcome to inquire.
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Products Introduction
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GNEE Aluminum specializes in the production of medium, small and micro aluminum and is able to produce aluminum flat bar in various sizes with thicknesses ranging from 5mm to 120mm. At GNEE, we offer a wide range of anodized aluminum flat bars including 1060,2011, 2017, 2024, 3003, 4032, 5052, 5056, 5083, 6061, 6063, 6082, 7003, 7075, and 6101 in a variety of thicknesses and widths in both extruded and cold finished. Providing accurate cut lengths and machining with the fastest lead times.
Aluminum bar
Products Introduction

Aluminum Flat Bar is one of the most widely used extrusion materials and can be used in a variety of projects in various industries. Aluminum flat bar is an excellent choice for a variety of constructions because its flat and rectangular faces can be customized to fit the exact size and length you need. Aluminum Flat Bars are also widely used for framing structures, for this application, the bars are simply cut to the appropriate length and then welded or drilled to fit the frame. Especially for construction purposes, a frame made of aluminum flat bar is the right choice because it can hold a lot of weight.





Material Aluminum Flat Bar
Width 10.0mm – 200mm
Thickness 2.0mm – 200mm
Anodize Protection Film 8 – 25 um
Powder Coating 40 – 120 um
Grade a) 1000 Series: 1060,

b) 2000 Series: 2014, 2024, etc.

c) 3000 Series: 3003, etc.

d) 5000 Series: 5052, 5083, 5086, etc.

e) 6000 Series: 6061, 6063, 6082, etc.

f) 7000 Series: 7003, 7050 etc.

Length As requirement
Surface Treatment Powder coating, Electrophoresis, Wood grain , Anodized, etc
Standard GB/T 3190-2008, GB/T 3880-2006, ASTM B209,

JIS H4000-2006, etc

Deep Process CNC, drilling, milling, cutting, welding, bending, assembling
Techniques Extruded, Cold Drawn
Temper 0-H112,T3-T8, T351-851





Characteristics of Aluminum Flat Bar:



Lightweight: Aluminum Flat Bar is made of aluminum, which has a lower density than other metals, making the product have excellent lightweight properties. This makes it very popular in applications where weight reduction is required, such as in the aerospace and automotive industries.



Corrosion resistance: Aluminum has excellent corrosion resistance, and the formation of an oxide layer can effectively prevent aluminum surface corrosion and oxidation. This characteristic makes Aluminum Flat Bar suitable for outdoor applications and wet environments, able to maintain its appearance and performance for a long time.



Machinability: Aluminum Flat Bar is easy to process and form, and can be customized by cutting, drilling, bending and welding methods to adapt to various design and manufacturing needs.



Structural stability: Aluminum Flat bars provide excellent strength and stability in structural applications and can be used to support important components such as structures and frames.





Quality Assurance



1. Visual Dimension Test


2. Mechanical examining like tensile, Elongation and reduction of area.


3. Large-scale test


4. Chemical examination analysis


5. Hardness test


6. Pitting protection test




Qualification Certificate






Packing and Transportation



Which is focused on the deep processing of Aluminum plate strip and foil.
GNEE Aluminium company Was Founded in 2008
Our Service
Quality is always our primary concern.GNEE has an experienced quality control team that is responsible for conducting strict quality checks and monitoring throughout the production process.
We provide comprehensive logistics solutions to ensure that our products are delivered on time and safely to our customers.
We have advanced warehousing facilities to store Aluminum Flat Bar in a safe, dry and clean environment, and can provide flexible warehousing services for customers.
We attach great importance to the quality and compliance of our products, so we support third party testing services to ensure that Aluminum Flat Bar meet international standards and customer requirements.
Why Choose GNEE's Aluminum Flat Bar?

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As a professional aluminum bar manufacturer and supplier, we also offer aluminum strip, aluminum foil, aluminum coil, anodized aluminum sheet, aluminum plate, and more aluminum products. Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, South Africa and more than 50 countries. Please feel free to contact us when you need any of our products.


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GNEE Aluminum Flat Bar Benefits:

Versatility: GNEE’s aluminum flat bars can be easily machined, formed and welded, allowing for a wide range of applications and design possibilities.

Environmentally Friendly:Aluminum is a recyclable material and GNEE’s commitment to sustainability ensures that aluminum flat bars are environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.

Customization Options:GNEE offers a wide range of sizes and finishes for aluminum flat bars, allowing customers to choose the most suitable product to meet their specific project requirements.

Expert Support:GNEE offers expert assistance, technical support and personalized service to ensure that customers find the perfect aluminum flat bar solution to meet their needs.

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Aerospace Sector
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Machine Parts
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