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Buy 7075 Aluminum Plate
Aluminum 7075 plate has an excellent weight-to-strength ratio and can be used for highly stressed structural components. High-stress applications that frequently use this grade of aluminum include aircraft parts, missile components, regulator valve components, instrumentation gears, fuse components, worm gears and keys. It is a popular choice for commercial aircraft components, aerospace and defense equipment applications. The plastics industry also uses this alloy as a mold material.
< 2600mm
Alloy Or Not:
Is Alloy
Order Taking Capacity:
8-5000 tons
Service Characteristics:
Original factory warranty, 7-45 days delivery, global exports
Products Introduction
When choosing 7075 Aluminum Sheet, GNEE is your best partner! With our advanced production process and extensive experience, we provide you with high-quality 7075 aluminum sheet that ensures excellent mechanical properties and outstanding corrosion resistance. Whether you need it for aerospace, military, high-performance equipment, or sports equipment, our 7075 aluminum sheet will meet your exacting requirements. Let our aluminum sheet help you achieve your engineering goals of lighter, stronger and more durable, and create success with you! Contact us for more information and offers on 7075 aluminum sheet!
Buy Aluminum Plate
Products Introduction
Property 7075 Aluminum Plate
Alloy Type 7075
Temper T651, T6511
Density 2.81 g/cm³
Tensile Strength 540 MPa – 572 MPa (78,000 psi – 83,000 psi)
Yield Strength 470 MPa – 503 MPa (68,000 psi – 73,000 psi)
Elongation 11% – 13%
Hardness (HB) 150 – 160
Corrosion Resistance Good
Weldability Fair
Machinability Fair
Heat Treatment Excellent



Product Characteristics:



High strength: 7075 aluminum has a tensile strength of 572 mpa and a yield strength of 503 mpa, which is one of the highest strength aluminum alloys at present.



Toughness: This aluminum alloy has strong fatigue resistance, making it a durable material in high-stress applications.



Corrosion resistance: 7075 aluminum has good corrosion resistance, making it a durable material for use in harsh environments.



Machinability: This alloy is more difficult to process than some other aluminum alloys, but with the right tools and techniques, good machining results can be obtained.





Qualification Certificate







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Packing and Transportation



Which is focused on the deep processing of Aluminum plate strip and foil.
GNEE Aluminium company Was Founded in 2008
Our production and testing equipments are mainly imported from Germany, America, Italy and other countries. Adopting advanced technology to organize production, we accurately meet the product specifications and technical requirements of domestic and foreign customers.
We have the logistical solutions for transporting aluminum sheets. We coordinate and arrange the transportation chain from the production plant to the target location, ensuring efficient and safe delivery of 7075 Aluminum Plate to their destination.
We have a large inventory of 7075 Aluminum Plate available. We follow the First In First Out (FIFO) principle to ensure the quality and preservation of 6061 T6 Aluminum Sheet in stock. With a focus on quality control, we ensure that all 7075 Aluminum Sheet in stock meet high standards through rigorous quality checks and testing.
Our 7075 Aluminum Plate supports third-party inspections, including physical property testing, chemical composition analysis, surface quality assessment, and testing for compliance with food safety standards. The inspection procedure ensures that the 7075 Aluminum Plate we offer is of superior quality and meets the expectations of the industry and our clients.
Why Choose GNEE's 7075 Aluminum Plate?

GNEE Group is a large-scale modern comprehensive enterprise focusing on raw materials and deep processing of raw materials for aluminum sheet and foil. The company is located in Anyang City, Henan Province. Established in 2008, the company is a leading aluminum producer in China and one of the largest aluminum foil producers in China. The main products are aluminum sheet, aluminum bar, aluminum coil and aluminum foil.
Main products: Aluminum alloy raw materials, mainly coils, sheets and strips.
Factory proportion: 133. 200 square meters
Factory workshops: 8, including 6 equipment workshops, 1 packaging workshop and 1 finished product workshop.
Factory staff: 163 in total, including 18 managers, 6 technical engineers, 3 quality inspectors, 17 packaging staff, 9 logistics staff, 12 business sales staff.
Factory capacity: 5000 tons per month
Annual export sales of the factory: 220 million dollars
Total number of overseas customers: 563 companies



Advantages of GNEE Aluminum Sheet:

Technical support: GNEE company has a professional technical team, which can provide customers with professional technical support and solutions to help customers choose the right products and solve technical problems.

Customization: Advantageous aluminum sheet companies can carry out customized processing according to customers’ needs, including cutting, bending, perforation, surface treatment, etc., to meet customers’ individual needs.

Fast delivery: Excellent companies usually have perfect supply chain management and inventory control, GNEE companies are able to deliver products in time to meet customers’ urgent needs.

Environmental awareness: GNEE focuses on environmental protection and sustainable development, adopting green production processes and material recycling, and is committed to reducing its impact on the environment.

Competitive price: Our company is able to offer competitive price under the premise of guaranteeing the quality of products, providing customers with more valuable products and services.

Aircraft wings and fuselages
Aircraft wings and fuselages
Engine parts
Engine parts
Missile components
Missile components
Spacecraft components
Spacecraft components
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