67 tons of high quality aluminum foil sent to Chile.

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67 tons of high quality aluminum foil sent to Chile.

A Chilean customer visited GNEE and after understanding and discussion, the customer finally decided to order 67 tons of high quality aluminum foil for the production of lunch boxes and aluminum foil paper.

The Chilean customer visited GNEE in order to find a competent and reputable aluminum foil supplier to meet their needs in the local market. They spoke highly of GNEE’s professionalism and corporate strength, especially in terms of the quality and production capacity of their aluminum foil products.

GNEE staff accompanied the customers to visit our aluminum foil production line and introduced them in detail about our production process, quality control and delivery time. Satisfied with our aluminum foil products, the customer confirmed their order.

As a leading aluminum foil supplier in China, GNEE, with advanced production equipment and professional team, is committed to providing customers with high quality, low price and short delivery time aluminum foil products. We always adhere to the customer-centered approach and continuously improve product quality and service level, which has won the trust and praise of our customers.

The successful order from the Chilean customer not only further proves GNEE’s leading position in the aluminum foil field, but also lays a solid foundation for us to develop the international market. We will continue to adhere to the concept of “quality first, customer first” to provide our customers with better products and services.

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