A Taiwanese customer signed an order for 32 tons of Series 8 aluminum foil

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GNEE Aluminum was fortunate to welcome a group of distinguished guests from Taiwan, who conducted an on-site inspection of our company and successfully signed a purchase order for 32 tons of 8 series aluminum foil.

The visiting Taiwanese customers expressed their strong interest in GNEE aluminum products for the first time last month. For the 8-series aluminum foil required by customers, our business team responded quickly and provided them with detailed product information, technical specifications and related physical samples. After careful inspection and trial use, the customer expressed high recognition of the quality and performance of our products and decided to go to China to inspect and discuss cooperation in depth.

During the customer’s visit, all employees of GNEE Aluminum demonstrated a professional attitude and sincere service spirit, providing customers with thoughtful and detailed guidance and answers. We specially arranged a factory visit to let customers experience our company’s leading production technology and strict quality management system. Customers have spoken highly of our company’s production environment, production technology and technical team.

After having a detailed understanding of GNEE Aluminum’s product lines and production capabilities, Taiwanese customers expressed full trust in our company’s strength and professionalism. In a friendly atmosphere, the two parties successfully reached a purchase contract for 32 tons of 8-series aluminum foil, laying a solid foundation for future long-term cooperation.

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