Aluminum foil application new blue ocean

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Aluminum foil has been widely used in China, and the consumption structure is changing with the process of economic and social transformation. Affected by fluctuations in investment in real estate and infrastructure, the consumption of aluminum foil in traditional consumer fields such as air conditioning and construction has fluctuated. However, in application fields such as packaging and household foils, as well as new energy, aluminum foil consumption overall has continued to grow.

Aluminum foil packaging and containers can be fully recycled, and recycling technology, policies, and systems are supporting the increase in recycling rates. Expanding the application of aluminum foil packaging is in line with many new trends and requirements of the country’s economic transformation, social development, consumption upgrading, and expanded internal circulation in the new era. However, he also pointed out that currently packaging users, the public, and consumers still have misunderstandings about aluminum foil, which affects the expanded application of aluminum foil packaging; aluminum foil packaging also urgently needs to adapt to new consumption trends and new consumption concepts, use strengths and avoid weaknesses, forge long boards, and make up for shortcomings. , and constantly meet the needs of customers and consumers.


Is GNEE a trading company or a manufacturer?
GNEE is an integrated trading and manufacturing company to better serve our customers.

Will the products I order from GNEE be delivered on time?
Yes, we are committed to providing the highest quality products and delivering them on time, punctuality and honesty are the core principles of our company.

Do you provide product samples? Are they free?
GNEE provides supply to customers free of charge, but customers need to bear the express freight.

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