GNEE company held an employee birthday party

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GNEE holds employee birthday parties grandly from September to November to celebrate the birthdays of birthday girls in the form of cheerful parties. On this special day, the company family gathered together to build a platform full of joy and blessings for employees.

The birthday party started grandly in the company’s tea room at 4:30 p.m. Colorful balloons and bright lights decorated the entire venue, creating a strong festive atmosphere. The company’s carefully prepared birthday cakes and various delicacies were placed on the banquet table, providing a delicious feast to everyone present.

At the birthday party, the birthday girls walked into the tea room one by one and excitedly received their own unique gifts. They gathered around the birthday guests, made good wishes together, and lit birthday candles for them. At this moment, the years are renewed and the story is turned over, full of warmth and happiness.

In the new year, GNEE company wishes every employee to have everything they want, a prosperous career, and endless happiness. I wish them all the best in the years and good things will come as promised. This birthday party is not only a blessing to the birthday stars, but also a vivid portrayal of the unity and harmony of the company’s family.


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