GNEE signs contract with Tanzanian partner

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GNEE has signed a contract with a Tanzanian customer for the sale of a total of 5,800 tons of aluminum foil. The customer, which operates in Tanzania, is a manufacturer of aluminum foil packaging and aluminum foil lunch boxes, and although they already had stable relationships with suppliers from other sources, they decided to partner with GNEE in order to expand their supplier network, and this contract marks the beginning of a long term partnership.

In May 2024, GNEE representatives hosted the Tanzanian customer for a business meeting during which contract details were discussed, culminating in the signing of a contract between GNEE and the customer for the sale of aluminum foil.

Content of the cooperation:
According to the contract, GNEE will supply 22 tons of high quality aluminum foil products to the Tanzanian customer, which will be used in the customer’s packaging business to meet its demand for high quality packaging materials.

Quality Assurance:
GNEE has always been committed to providing quality products and like our previous partners, we will ensure that the quality of the aluminum foil products and packaging meets the expectations and standards of our customers. Our quality management team will strictly monitor the production process to ensure consistent quality from batch to batch.

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