Household Foil 8011 Jumbo Rolls

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The raw material is aluminum plate coil of 8011 alloy, which has good corrosion resistance and processability.
Aluminum coils need to be cut to specifications in order to make Jumbo Rolls.

Aluminum sheet needs to be heat treated, usually a process called annealing, to increase its plasticity and make it easier to process into thin sheets.
The annealing process involves heating an aluminum sheet to a specific temperature for a period of time and then slowly cooling it.

The annealed aluminum sheet is then cold rolled through a series of cold rolling mills, gradually reducing its thickness to the required thin sheets.

Aluminum foil can be coated to increase its rust and scratch resistance. This usually involves applying a thin protective coating to the surface of the aluminum foil.

The sheets go through a cutting process to cut them into the required width and length to make Jumbo Rolls.

The cut aluminum foil undergoes quality control inspections to ensure compliance with specifications and quality standards.
Aluminum foil sheets are rolled into rolls, known as Jumbo Rolls, which are often long and require further processing and cutting to create the final household aluminum foil rolls.

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