Indian Customers Visit GNEE For 8011 Aluminum Foils

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Indian Customers Visit GNEE For 8011 Aluminum Foils

On April 17, 2024, Indian customers visited our company. The visitors included directors and purchasing managers. Their company has a high reputation in the field of aluminum processing and packaging and is planning to expand the production line of aluminum foil products to meet the market demand.

Indian customers visit GNEE factory

After arriving, Indian customers took a short break and we led them to visit the production workshop and quality inspection center. First of all, we showed the product showroom to the customers and introduced in detail the features and advantages of our various aluminum foil products. The customer recognized the quality of our products and said that the 8011 alu foil he had ordered before produced very good results.

Indian customers and GNEE discuss the detailed information

In the process of communication, Indian customers mentioned that they were going to order a batch of 8-series alu foil at the end of June and hoped to establish a long-term cooperation with GNEE, and that the 8011 alu foil produced by GNEE meets their needs in terms of quality and performance, and that they put forward the specific thickness requirements of the products.

After a whole day’s visit, the Indian customers had a comprehensive understanding of GNEE’s 8011 aluminum foil production line, quality control process and company culture. They were satisfied with GNEE’s expertise and product quality.

Before the end of the visit, the Indian customers warmly invited the GNEE team to visit their company.

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