large rolls of aluminum foil for food containers

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This means it won’t absorb light, making it ideal for heating up food, and is perfect for household use. 8011 O in particular is great for food containers, as it has strong light-shielding properties, excellent oil resistance, and is very soft. By using food aluminum foil for refrigerated or packaged food, you can effectively prevent air from entering, resist external pressure, and keep your food fresh.

Aluminum foil for food containers can be used for quick freezing, extreme baking and grilling, as it won’t deform, crack, melt, or burn, and won’t produce harmful substances. Aluminum foil containers are also great for autoclaving and heat sealing, and can be heated in a variety of ways, including ovens, anaerobic heating cabinets, steamers and pressure cookers.

If you’re looking for large rolls of aluminum foil for food containers, GNEE has you covered with 3003 8011. These are ideal for manufacturing containers for restaurants, airlines and trains.

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