Vietnamese customer ordered a batch of 1235 aluminum foil.

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On June 20, 2024, a customer from Vietnam visited GNEE Aluminum and was warmly received by Jana, the manager of the company, Gloria, the head of the foreign trade department, and the heads of the R&D centers.

During the discussion, Jana from the Foreign Trade Department introduced the overall development of GNEE Aluminum, the professional technical R&D team and the production process and product quality of 1235 aluminum foil to the customer, hoping to broaden the depth and breadth of cooperation in the future to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation.

Welcome Vietnamese Customers to Visit GNEE Aluminum and Establish Cooperation in Aluminum Foil Field

With the rapid development of GNEE Aluminum and the continuous improvement of product research and development capability, 1235 aluminum foil and related products are expanding the international market along with the domestic market and attracting a large number of foreign end-users to visit and investigate the cooperation.

The Vietnamese customers expressed their thanks for the warm reception of the company, and affirmed and recognized the company’s scale strength, R&D team and product quality. At the same time, they also put forward their current needs in the communication, they need high purity and good ductility aluminum foil products to meet their packaging and battery manufacturing and other high-precision areas.
We recommended 1235 aluminum foil that suits their needs and introduced the product’s performance, production process and application effect in detail. The customer was very satisfied and hoped that both parties could cooperate happily and take this opportunity to deepen the cooperation!


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