Advantages of aluminum foil lunch boxes

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Among them, rolled foil accounts for more than 95% of the total mass of aluminum foil and more than 83% of the total area: divided by shape, aluminum foil can be divided into roll foil And sheet foil, of which roll foil accounts for more than 99%; according to thickness, aluminum foil can be divided into thick foil, single-zero foil and double-zero foil. According to surface condition, aluminum foil can be divided into single-sided light foil and double-sided light foil According to the purpose, aluminum foil can be divided into medicinal aluminum foil, household aluminum foil, air conditioning aluminum foil, cigarette aluminum foil, container aluminum foil, capacitor aluminum foil, construction aluminum foil, wine label aluminum foil, tape aluminum foil, etc.

Main application areas of aluminum cleaner
Aluminum foil is widely used in various fields of the national economy such as packaging, electrical appliances, radiators, and construction because of its light weight, good airtightness, good coating, and environmental protection.

The unique business model of the industry
In recent years, due to the large fluctuations in aluminum ingot prices, most companies in the aluminum processing industry chain, including aluminum foil manufacturers, adopt the “aluminum ingot price + processing fee” model for raw material procurement and product sales to improve transaction efficiency and reduce transaction costs. cost, and try to avoid the risk of aluminum ingot price fluctuations. At present, aluminum foil manufacturers generally use the method of “determining production according to sales and producing according to orders” to organize production, and the production and sales rate is generally close to 100%.

Cyclicity and growth of the aluminum foil industry
Since aluminum foil has a wide range of applications and the good properties of aluminum metal are not easily replaced by other metals, market demand is relatively stable and cyclical. At present, there is a large gap between my country’s overall consumption level and per capita consumption level of aluminum products compared with developed countries. With the rapid development of my country’s national economy and the improvement of residents’ consumption levels, the demand for aluminum foil has grown rapidly year by year, with obvious high growth potential.

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