Tips for using aluminum foil

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When ironing clothes, you can also put a piece of aluminum foil under the clothes. This can also prevent the clothes from generating static electricity and make them softer and more comfortable. The iron products at home are rusty, so you have to wash and scrub them vigorously with steel wool every time. However, hard steel wool can easily leave various scratches on the surface of the utensils. Even if the rust is removed, the scratches appear again. .

Aluminum foil can be folded at will without deformation and can also be used as a temporary container. It would be a pity to throw away the oil we usually have left over from cooking, but if we keep it, it will waste an extra bowl. In addition, the oil bowl is more difficult to wash than ordinary bowls. At this time, you might as well use aluminum foil to make a small bowl to hold the vegetable oil. , which is both convenient and trouble-free.

Aluminum foil helps us in other ways, too. Normally at home, sometimes WiFi is clearly around me, but the signal is very weak, and I can’t connect to the Internet no matter what, and I can’t even browse Taobao. This is because the WiFi signal is too diffuse. You can get a piece of aluminum foil to help: place the folded aluminum foil behind the router’s antenna to instantly boost the signal.

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