What are the benefits of using aluminum foil lunch boxes for packaging?

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Aluminum foil can concentrate heat during baking, allowing the heat to better penetrate into the food, thereby reducing cooking time and keeping the food warm. So what are the benefits of aluminum foil lunch boxes?
1: Safety, the aluminum foil lunch box is made of environmentally friendly food-grade materials, which is environmentally friendly and healthy, and can be recycled.

2: Strong adaptability, high temperature and low temperature resistance, and extremely high conductivity.

3: Convenience, Zhongyi gold aluminum foil lunch boxes can be heated over open flames and microwaves to speed up baking.

4: Heat preservation. Usually when people order takeout, it cannot be delivered in time, but aluminum foil packaging can ensure the freshness and temperature of the food.

Aluminum foil lunch boxes are now a widely used tableware. Aluminum foil lunch boxes are harmless to the human body during use and can be used with confidence.
Aluminum Foil is a professional supplier dedicated to high-end aluminum foil catering packaging solutions. It has reached global business cooperation with many well-known baking brands around the world and is known as the leading brand of high-end aluminum foil catering packaging in the industry.

As the industry leader in high-end aluminum foil catering packaging, GNEE provides customers with a full range of service guarantees, from the use of harmless, pollution-free, renewable and environmentally friendly materials in the manufacturing process, to strict supervision of food safety, thus It has successively obtained safety certificates for aluminum product food packaging materials, and passed US FDA certification, EU SGS certification, ISO9001 certification, etc…



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